City orders condo developer to clear all rubble from demolition site, Downtown Eastside residents call for further protections

City orders condo developer to clear all rubble from demolition site, Downtown Eastside residents call for further protections

UNCEDED COAST SALISH TERRITORIES – The City of Vancouver has issued an

City order for Marc Williams to clean up the rubble, on the remaining wall of the Pantages site

order to Marc Williams, owner of the former Pantages theatre site and target of community actions for over a year. The order, signed by Will Johnston, Director of Licenses and Inspections and Chief Building Official, says that Sequel 138 Development Corp must “remove the accumulation of construction debris, rubbish and discarded material on or before July 31, 2012.” It threatens legal action for “failure to comply with this order” including a threat that the city will undertake the clean-up work if the owner does not. (Download a pdf of the city order: 120718 City of Vancouver order to clean up Pantages)

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Tired of rats & demolition disaster DTES community challenges city hall to act

Tired of rats & demolition disaster DTES community challenges city hall to act

Colleen Boudreau unveils model social housing built out of Pantages rubble

UNCEDED COAST SALISH TERRITORIES – On Monday July 16 Downtown Eastside (DTES) residents gathered outside the Pantages demolition site to draw attention to rats and rubble disaster that festered in their community for over a year.

“Nearly two months ago we conducted a community rat count to show that 138 East Hastings was full of rats who were using the site as a staging ground to invade neighboring hotels,” said organizer Jean Swanson. “And just last night again I counted 18 rats in five minutes.” Continue reading

Pantages rubble challenge letter to Vancouver City Council

Monday, 16 July 2012

Gregor Robertson and Members of City Council
City of Vancouver
453 West 12th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5Y 1V4

Mayor Robertson and Members of City Council:

We are writing as a broad coalition of residents, community members, activists and allies of the Downtown Eastside low income community to demand that you act speedily to clean up the pile of rubble at 138 East Hastings, the site of the former Pantages Theatre.  This was once a historic landmark that Vancouver’s founding neighbourhood could be proud of.  Now, thanks to the negligence of the lot’s current owner, Marc Williams, it is a toxic pile of junk that is both an eyesore and a health hazard in the heart of the community. Continue reading

Community rat count results to be released at Pantages site, Monday July 16

For Immediate Release
July 16 2012


UNCEDED COAST SALISH TERRITORIES – It’s been almost 2 months since the Downtown Eastside Community Rat Count revealed rats swarming all over the condo development site at 138 E. Hastings.

The City of Vancouver promised to ensure the health and safety of residents around Pantages. They issued an order to the lot owner Marc Williams to “commence an program to eliminate the pest problem” and clean up the demolition site.

This Monday July 16 join low-income residents and organizers to see the results of the city’s promised actions and hear about the ongoing effects of the site on local residents as they issue a challenge to city officials and the owner and proposed developer of the Pantages.

DAY: Monday July 16
TIME: 11am
PLACE: Pantages demolition site, Hastings Street side (about 138 E Hastings)

Information: Downtown Eastside Not for Developers Coalition: Jean Swanson, 604-729-2380


DTES residents paint Pantages for the people!

Message on the 100-block: HOMES 4 ALL

On Saturday June 2nd Downtown Eastside residents gathered on the 100-block of East Hastings with paint-cans, pancakes, and dance music to send a simple message against condos and for social housing to would-be condo developer Marc Williams and City Hall.

Organized by the DTES Not for Developers Coalition, the paint-in action was a party that took over all of Hastings Street for an hour and a half. Residents talked, listened to speeches about gentrification and the threat of displacement that the condo project at Pantages threatens. They ate pancakes, petted the giant rat “Chewy”, and left their message behind in paint and chalk. The photos below are just a sample of the strength of community that was shown that day and the pledge of this community to continue to fight to stop Pantages condos and win housing for those who need it most. Continue reading

2nd Annual Paint-In at the Pantages!

Saturday June 2
100-Block East Hastings
(in front of the Pantages demolition site)

Last year we gathered in front of Pantages (before it was all knocked down) and painted the walls with visions of a future where everyone in our community is housed and healthy and where no one faces the threat of eviction, displacement, and homelessness. On April 23 the Vancouver Development Permit Board approved the proposal for condos on the Pantages site despite massive DTES community opposition. Come join the community in the street on June 2nd to renew our commitment to fighting this condo project and winning 100% resident controlled social housing on the 100-block of East Hastings. There will be paint, pancakes, a petting zoo, and some speakers too. All you need to bring is your self and your hopes and will to fight for the future of DTES low-income communities.

Be ready for emergency action at the Sequel 138 sales centre!

–  Boycott Downtown Eastside condos  –  Solidarity with low-income DTES  residents against displacement & homelessness  –

On the day the Sequel 138 sales centre opens
(Pender Street side at Abbott, in front of McDonald’s)

On April 23 the Vancouver Development Permit Board approved a condo tower on the 100-block of East Hastings. Since then the owner and developer of the Pantages site has been bragging that his “Sequel 138” condo sales centre is going to open soon.

The Downtown Eastside Not for Developers Coalition is calling for an emergency action the day the Sequel sales centre opens (located on the second floor of Tinseltown Mall).

What you can do

Fill out the Pantages pledge form in order to get on the contact list for this action. You can print it, fill it out, and drop if off at the VANDU office (384 E Hastings) for Aiyanas, type out your answers and contact info and email it to, or call one of these contacts: Ivan 604-781-7346, Greg 604-809-1053, Aiyanas 604-315-8766

There is a good chance that the presentation centre will open with very short notice so contact us with your contact information to receive the alert when we take action.

Spread this news around and see if others would like to know when emergency action will be called to stop the sales of this destructive condo project. This is an important test because the city has approved this project despite unanimous local-community opposition. We need to send a message that the DTES low-income community won’t be displaced without a fight, and that this community has friends and allies who are also ready to act.

For more information on the Pantages condos project here. And read community group resolutions against the condos here.