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Rally & March to STOP PANTAGES CONDOS, Tuesday December 11, 2pm


Stop the “Woodward’s east” condo proposal by Raycam!

This Tuesday come tell City Council:

On Tuesday October 16 Vancouver City Council will be considering a rezoning application for a major condo project at 955 E. Hastings, right across the street from Raycam.

Come to a news conference with DTES community speakers
Tuesday October 16
Vancouver City Hall
(south side, on the steps facing 12
th Ave)

Sign up to speak at the rezoning hearing starting Tuesday October 16 about 7:30pm
Call: 604-829-4238

Come with the group leaving from the Downtown Eastside. Meet at Carnegie at 6pm for food and be ready to leave together by bus and van at 6:30pm.

This three-condo-tower development will be to the eastern part of the Downtown Eastside what Woodward’s has been to the west: more condos, higher property values, more upscale stores, and higher rents in nearby hotels. What we learned from Woodward’s is that low income people could be pushed out of nearby hotels and the street level retail area could become another zone of exclusion for low-income people.

But this project doesn’t even offer the good parts of Woodward’s. Woodward’s had about 150 units of welfare rate social housing. This development has only 24 units at welfare rate and no community amenities besides the housing. It will also have 282 condos, and about 70,000 sq/ft of market rate rate and industrial space with no dedicated community or non-profit spaces.

Come to city council to speak out against this major, neighbourhood changing condo project.

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Occupy Condos: Take the Pantages!

Occupy Condos: Take the Pantages!

Tuesday November 29th at 4 pm till 6 pm
152 East Hastings (near Main and Hastings)
Warm food served.

Web link:
Download and distribute our poster here and leaflet here

Condo Developer Marc Williams wants to build expensive market housing at the old Pantages Site in the Downtown Eastside. Condos in the heart of the neighbourhood will cause higher property values, higher rents in single-room occupancies, displacement of current residents, increased policing, and low-income residents feeling unwelcome in their own neighbourhood.

We are tired and angry that the City and real estate developers are being complicit in escalating rents and gentrification instead of building and protecting safe and affordable low-incoming housing. The corporate developers that bankroll City Council are the 1% in our city that hold disproportionate political and economic power and want to make millions of dollars in profit. Meanwhile more people are displaced from low-income housing in the Downtown Eastside and Vancouver’s has become one of the most unaffordable cities for poor, low-income, racialized, seniors, youth, single mothers, and working people in the world.

On Tuesday November 29th we are calling for a mass action for people to occupy and take back pantages for the low-income community. The DTES is not for developers!

Organized by Stop the Pantages Condos Coalition which includes Citywide Housing Coalition, DTES Neighbourhood Council, DTES Power of Women Group, Streams of Justice, UBC Social Justice Centre, Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users.



Write letter to Sun against Sequel 138 condos

Please write a letter to the Vancouver Sun:  You can email your letter (maximum 200 words) to

Here is the article:

Here is a letter that Paul Taylor, Editor of the Carnegie Newsletter, wrote to the Sun:

Skin deep and people say, “Look: they’re building social housing in the downtown eastside.”    It reads as though it’s a done deal; could go ahead as soon as November; a dead zone for a new crowd of artistic pioneers and staff at not-for-profits to begin again from the ground up… and the most idiotic plan of the developer is to sell 18 condos to a local non-profit.

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Write to city against condos on Hastings 100 block

Dear supporters of the Save Pantages Site Coalition,

Thank you so much for endorsing the Community Resolution to save the Pantages site for low income people. We are emailing you again because we need you to write a letter to help stop the developer’s plan for 79 condos in the heart of the DTES.

We have to get our comments about the proposal to the City of Vancouver at,, and by August 12th or the Director of Planning will be able to approve the plan without any process.

Condos at the Pantages would be a gentrification bomb in the heart of the DTES. The condo-social housing mixed development at Woodward’s caused rents in neighbouring hotels to increase and pushed out low-income residents. Expensive restaurants and boutique stores sprang up and more private security guards and police pushed low-income people out of public spaces. This is why we want 100% social housing, not 80% condos with 20% social housing.

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Press Conference and Rally – DTES launches “Stop Condos at the Pantages campaign” at Studio One Architecture

On July 21st, DTES groups asked the architect Tomas Wolf of Studio One to withdraw from the project until all DTES low-income residents have proper housing and were incensed by what they call “poor-bashing ads” on the firm’s website that have since been removed. The adverts claimed the project would bring an element of “accountability” to the area.

Stop condo project say Downtown Eastside residents

(Vancouver Coast Salish Territory) Stop condos in the Downtown Eastside (DTES) until we have decent housing for the low income residents who live there now. That was the message that low-income DTES residents and their supporters brought to Studio One Architects today at 11 am.

“Housing first for the people who need it,” said Anne Marie Monks, social housing resident who was recently homeless and board member of the DTES Neighbourhood Council. “The rich can buy somewhere else. They can go up to Whistler. DTES belongs to the people.”

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