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Don’t let one man’s property rights outweigh the needs and will of an entire community

Originally published on The Mainlander

Don’t let one man’s property rights outweigh the needs and will of an entire community
By: Ivan Drury

DTES Community organizing against Sequel 138 condos shows united opposition to displacement-by-gentrification and will reveal the priorities of city hall

The date is looming for the City’s Development Permit Board meeting to decide the fate of the Sequel 138 condo proposal. It’s been a year since nine major Downtown Eastside (DTES) community organizations formed a coalition to stop Sequel 138 condos. Their campaign involves thousands of  DTES residents, workers, social housing providers, artists… united in opposition to a bad proposal for a destructive condo project in the heart of the most vulnerable urban community in the country. Continue reading


Media coverage of the April 17 2012 “Storming” of city hall against Sequel 138


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Ian Austin, “Protesters occupy city hall: Condo plans will disrupt drug trade, group says.” The Province, April 18, 2012 (print version)

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And see other media coverage of the DTES Not for Developers Coalition actions against Sequel 138 condos here:

Podcast: Housing and gentrification in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

Wendy Pedersen, Community Organiser for the Carnegie Community Action Project talks about why her organization is fighting gentrification of the Downtown Eastside, and what she feels should happen to combat homelessness.

Click here to listen:

Residents fight gentrified Downtown Eastside

By David P. Ball | September 22, 2011,

“Our block has never been and will never be for sale,” James Mickelson said, sitting just west of Hastings and Main, a few doors down from his home, the Regent Hotel. Behind him, the wreckage of Pantages Theatre; its old brick front, and a jagged heap of cinderblocks, plywood and two-by-fours are all that remain of the heritage building, once hoped by locals to become needed social housing. Pantages is being demolished. A condominium tower being marketed to social workers — Sequel 138 — will replace it, here in the heart of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES).

From atop a street stage, surrounded by what organizers of last Saturday’s march for safe, affordable housing called a “block party to block condos,” residents and workers of the neighbourhood spoke of the rising costs of housing amidst an explosion of condominium development they say has outpaced affordable housing in the area by a factor of 11 to one. That number contradicts the City of Vancouver’s own housing plan, but experts said there is little enforcement or inspection. The need for long-term, safe affordable housing is at crisis levels, they said. The City of Vancouver were not available for comment.

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Sequel 138 saga continues with boycott campaign in Vancouver

By Andrew Fleming, Contributing writer Vancouver Courier September 12, 2011

The daughter of local shoe magnate John Fluevog wants to help put the boots to plans to build Sequel 138, a proposed condo complex from developer Marc Williams, on the site of the former Pantages theatre near the corner of Main and Hastings streets. Britta Fluevog, an up-and-coming artist and self-described “potential condo owner,” has added her name to a list of 1,200 people who have signed a Downtown Eastside Community Resolution opposing the proposal to build a new six-storey building offering 79 one-bedroom residential units, as well as 18 more units earmarked for social housing, a dozen commercial units and another 2,500 square feet of public art display space.

“Purchasing a condo at Sequel 138 is unethical because of the harmful impacts it will have on people in the neighbourhood.” said Fluevog in a press release distributed by the Stop Pantages Condos Coalition, which is calling on condo shoppers to boycott the project because of the potential displacement of residents of the impoverished neighbourhood.

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Video: Boycott Sequel 138 Pantages Condos

Photos from Pantages Picket Party

courtesy Wendy and Isaac/VMC

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