“Woodward’s East” condos rezoning decision Tuesday at City Hall

The public hearing for the proposed condo project at 955 E Hastings finished last week. Nearly forty people came out and spoke about the project, the majority were low-income residents and their supporters speaking against the project. You can watch the amazing speeches of these community leaders through the city website here: http://cityofvan-as1.insinc.com/ibc/mp/md/open/c/317/1202/201210181745wv150en,001

The council decision about the project was put off until this week, Tuesday October 30 at City Hall. The meeting starts at 9:30am but there is one discussion point on ahead of the decision, listed under “unfinished business”, so we don’t know what time the decision might be made.

Downtown Eastside residents will be meeting in front of Carnegie Centre at 9am sharp to go up to city hall together and be present for this decision which, no matter which way it goes, will play a central role in shaping the future of the community. Everyone who opposes this mega project is welcome to come join us.

For more information call Ivan at 604-781-7346 and read a backgrounder here:


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