“Woodward’s East” condo rezoning hearing continues Thursday…

Quick update:

The public hearing about 955 E Hastings got started last night but only 3 out of 30 speakers got to speak. The rest of the speakers – and anyone else who wants to sign-up – have been put off until Thursday evening.

Come to the next (and last) public hearing appearance for the 955 E Hastings condos rezoning: Thursday October 18, 6pm at Vancouver City Hall.

To go up there from the DTES meet at the Carnegie Centre at 5pm for dinner and to head up together.

Bring your banners and signs to send a message from council chambers!

To register to speak at the public hearing:
Call: 604-829-4238
Email: publichearing@vancouver.caYou can also register to speak at city hall between 5:30pm and 6pm.


One response to ““Woodward’s East” condo rezoning hearing continues Thursday…

  1. How come the people who oppose these things never actually build anything of their own?

    Instead of wasting your time attacking other people, why don’t you get it together and build something yourselves?

    Do it as a co-op. Do it as a non-profit. Build what you want, down to the doorknobs.

    If you actually built something, you would learn how to assemble land, negotiate with a credit union and raise capital, design buildings, overcome local opposition, hire contractors, get the permits and rezonings — and get the damn job done.

    Co-ops have been doing this sort of thing for decades. Time for the complainers in the DTES to step up to the plate, and do the job themselves. At the end of the day, you will have accomplished something real.

    That would be a nice change.

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