DTES residents paint Pantages for the people!

Message on the 100-block: HOMES 4 ALL

On Saturday June 2nd Downtown Eastside residents gathered on the 100-block of East Hastings with paint-cans, pancakes, and dance music to send a simple message against condos and for social housing to would-be condo developer Marc Williams and City Hall.

Organized by the DTES Not for Developers Coalition, the paint-in action was a party that took over all of Hastings Street for an hour and a half. Residents talked, listened to speeches about gentrification and the threat of displacement that the condo project at Pantages threatens. They ate pancakes, petted the giant rat “Chewy”, and left their message behind in paint and chalk. The photos below are just a sample of the strength of community that was shown that day and the pledge of this community to continue to fight to stop Pantages condos and win housing for those who need it most.

MCs Greg and Karen lead a chant as we took Hastings Street, “Condos out of the Downtown Eastside!”

Gabriel leads the dance party on Hastings, chalked up with messages for community power, not condos



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