Write, rally, speak out… City to decide the fate of Sequel 138 condos Monday April 23

The Development Permit Board vote to decide the fate of Sequel 138 condos is Monday April 23. The time to act to stop mass displacement is now!

Sequel 138 condos are a ticking gentrification time bomb… and time is almost up. Act now to STOP PANTAGES CONDOS! STOP MASS DISPLACEMENT! STOP LOW-INCOME COMMUNITY DESTRUCTION!

Come to the Carnegie Community Action Project’s Friday volunteers meeting to plan your presentation at the Development Permit Board. 11:30am, Carnegie Centre 3rd floor.

*Meet at Carnegie centre, 1:30pm to go to city hall together
*Rally outside City Hall (12th Ave side), 2:15pm
*Development Permit hearing for Sequel 138 starts in City Hall at 3pm
(To sign-up to speak at the hearing contact: 604-873-7469 or lorna.harvey@vancouver.ca )

Report and next steps in the fight for the community 11am, Carnegie Theatre (401 Main, main floor)

(Coming soon…)
DTES Low-income community civil disobedience training
– Details to be announced…

The Downtown Eastside not for Developers coalition is in the midst of an 11nth hour campaign to finally stop the “Sequel 138” condo project that threatens the life of the low-income community in the DTES with gentrification and displacement. We have been organizing together against this project for about a year, and the proposal is scheduled to go ahead to the City’s Development Permit Board for acceptance, deferral, or rejection this coming Monday April 23, 3pm at Vancouver City Hall.

The campaign will not stop with the Development Permit Board hearing. Even if they stop the Sequel 138 condos, there are 589 more condos proposed in other projects in the Downtown Eastside and over a hundred high end shops and restaurants that threaten the culture and well being of the low-income community.

Come to the actions outlined above and take action now as well:

Write a letter to the city saying:
1. Apply to amend the Vancouver Charter or take any other measure to stop Sequel 138; & 2. Buy the lot & build 100% social housing at Pantages: david.autiero@vancouver.ca, kevin.mcnaney@vancouver.ca, mayorandcouncil@vancouver.ca
And include us: ddiewertt@shaw.ca

Stay tuned! And contact us for more info: 604-781-7346 / ddiewertt@shaw.ca
https://dtesnotfordevelopers.wordpress.com— —
— —


The 100-block of East Hastings is the heart of the DTES low-income community. This April everything good about this community is threatened by the developer-proposal to build 79 condos called “Sequel 138” at the former Pantages theatre site, between the Regent & Brandiz Hotels. The developer says this is good for the community because he’s legally obligated to build 8 or 9 units of social housing at welfare rate to get his building permit.

We know Sequel 138 is a displacement plan but: HELL NO WE WON’T GO!


Low-income peoples’ housing: Close to 1,000 low-income people live on the 100-block of East Hastings. Although these rooms are nearly all cramped, unhealthly, and unsafe, they are the only homes their residents have. And until they are replaced with social housing, they beat living on the streets.

Condos cause higher property values, higher rents in SROs, and displacement of low income people from the SROs as we have seen with Woodward’s. About half of the residents of the 100-block live in privately owned hotels (Regent, Balmoral & Brandiz) where rents will go up when land values increase and low-income people get priced out.

Safe community spaces: The 100-block is our community: We depend on health and food services on the 100-block and need the community spaces that keep our community alive with cultural and hang-out spots. The low-income community fought for and made these spaces like Carnegie, Insite, the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre, and Aboriginal Front Door.

Gentrified spaces are for consumers not community: Expensive restaurants and boutique stores also come with condos, and with them come more private security guards and police. all pushing low-income people out of public

Invest in the current residents: The city says that the median income in the DTES is $12,000 a year and most people live on at welfare or old age pension rates. Pantages is in the Downtown Eastside Oppenheimer District (DEOD), where the most low-income people live. Laws in the DEOD keep land prices low, because 20% of any condo project must be social housing. This law protects the area for low-income people by making properties cheaper for governments to buy for social housing.

Stop real estate speculators & investor-predators: If Marc Williams can make money at Pantages it will send a signal to other developers sitting on land in the DEOD. Condos on the 100-block will open the flood gates to developments that will threaten low-income housing, shops and services in the heart of the low-income community.


. 79 quarter-million dollar condos
. 9 $837-$900/mth “social housing”
. 9 welfare-rate social housing units
. A high-end shopping “breezeway” to connect Hastings to Chinatown. It will be “gated until security concerns improve”
. To displace residents from the 100-block. The developer has openly mocked residents & drug users & compared them to rats in the demolition rubble, and;
. A garden, bike storage & art space for the majority condo residents

DTES Not for Developers Coalition


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