Occupy Condos: Take the Pantages!

Occupy Condos: Take the Pantages!

Tuesday November 29th at 4 pm till 6 pm
152 East Hastings (near Main and Hastings)
Warm food served.

Web link: https://dtesnotfordevelopers.wordpress.com/2011/11/22/occupy-condos-take-the-pantages/
FB RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/245975415464285/
Download and distribute our poster here and leaflet here

Condo Developer Marc Williams wants to build expensive market housing at the old Pantages Site in the Downtown Eastside. Condos in the heart of the neighbourhood will cause higher property values, higher rents in single-room occupancies, displacement of current residents, increased policing, and low-income residents feeling unwelcome in their own neighbourhood.

We are tired and angry that the City and real estate developers are being complicit in escalating rents and gentrification instead of building and protecting safe and affordable low-incoming housing. The corporate developers that bankroll City Council are the 1% in our city that hold disproportionate political and economic power and want to make millions of dollars in profit. Meanwhile more people are displaced from low-income housing in the Downtown Eastside and Vancouver’s has become one of the most unaffordable cities for poor, low-income, racialized, seniors, youth, single mothers, and working people in the world.

On Tuesday November 29th we are calling for a mass action for people to occupy and take back pantages for the low-income community. The DTES is not for developers!

Organized by Stop the Pantages Condos Coalition which includes Citywide Housing Coalition, DTES Neighbourhood Council, DTES Power of Women Group, Streams of Justice, UBC Social Justice Centre, Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users.

Website: https://dtesnotfordevelopers.wordpress.com/



5 responses to “Occupy Condos: Take the Pantages!

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  2. Sequel 138 welcomes Occupy Vancouver today. You will be able to see the future of hope and progress in the DTES.

    REMEMBER: It is an active demo site.

    When you trespass, be aware that the site is full of broken glass, wood, and brick. Have your tetanus shots up to date.

    When Lauren tries to hang your banner, please remind her the scaffolding is very wet and offers no traction. It is not meant for climbing. It is dangerous to climbers. Bring a medic, or have an ambulance nearby. Dial 911 as required.

    When you trespass, tell your people that there is a SAFE INJECTION site across the street. There is no excuse for another tragedy at Occupy. 

    And if you would like to read more about the positive changes coming to the Hastings Corridor, please visit http://www.sequel138.com.

    Thanks for reading this, and have an enjoyable demonstration.

  3. Yes, affordability and income disparity are major issues that everyone would like to see addressed but do you honestly think that occupying condos that were sold months ago, and blocking rush hour traffic wins you any supporters? You come across looking like entitled burnouts.

    The DTES is may not be for developers’ but it’s not for junkies, thieves, crackheads, and vagrants, and it’s definitely not yours.

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  5. SRO Resident


    These people are just poverty pimps and paid protesters. [Rent a crowd]
    the rest are just their drunken, drug using bum hangers on who are depending on them to keep the handouts coming [Useful idiots].

    The end is coming and they know it. It’s a last ditch effort to secure
    as many jobs “Helping the poor” as they can for themselves before
    the $1,000,000 per day tap gets shut off.

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