Photos from Pantages Picket Party

courtesy Wendy and Isaac/VMC


2 responses to “Photos from Pantages Picket Party

  1. The big question here is where the hell are our much-vaunted urban planners, City council and Premier Christy, who are supposedly, anyway, committed to family, ‘sustainability,’ whatever that means, and the creation of affordable, no-frills housing, which requires co-operation with the feds and the province as per post-WW2, when returning vets and their families Canada wide were desperate for housing. Where are they?

    It is EASILY w/i the City of Vancouver’s jurisdiction to zone for the kind of housing required by those who live in this notoriously economically challenged neighborhood. So why aren’t they exercising their authority and doing so?

    Sequel 138 is a terribly misguided effort to mix WILDLY different property interests, ultimately offloading the cost of the development onto unwary condo purchasers and, of course, B.C. taxpayers when those same buyers bail.

    The truth is, B.C. just doesn’t have the construction expertise or the legislative sophistication even to contemplate such a proposal. After 30+ years of leaky condos and co-ops, we all KNOW this or we should!

    We need housing for real-time demographics and an economic future that is dubious at best – not some architect’s fantasy of ‘the perfect person,’ which infamously ignores disability and economic status, two crucial aspects of the DTES. Even tourists are able to see these residents for who they are. WHY is it so hard for our so-called planning experts and the City fathers who set their agenda?

  2. fuck gentrification of the downtown eastside!
    I’ve had it with these damn condo developers/others related who
    want to make a buck at the expense of others, the downtown eastside is NOT the place to do this!!!
    I participated in the anti-pantages protest on Tuesday, November 29,2011
    and, will participate in MORE protests of this nature if invited to do so.
    Please keep me posted as to further upcoming protests. Lillian fletcher

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