Sep 17: Annual Women’s Housing March and DTES Block Party to Block Condos!

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immediately followed by a


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Sat. Sep 17 @ 1:30 pm
Starts at Cordova and Columbia, just west of Main St.
Unceded Coast Salish Territories

On Saturday Sep 17 at 1:30 pm, join the Downtown Eastside Women Centre Power of Women Group* in the 5th Annual March for Women’s Housing and March Against Poverty.

We invite groups to bring their banners and anything else for our festive march and ‘GentriFucation Tour’. All genders are welcome and celebrated. Please bring your drums and regalia. This march is child-friendly and there will be a rest-vehicle for elders. Spread the word!

This year, we celebrate the recent victory that has forced the provincial government to commit funding to a 24-hour low barrier shelter for women as a result of our collective efforts. We also continue to march for:
– Social Housing, Childcare, and Healthcare for all!
– No more Evictions and No more Gentrification in the Downtown Eastside!
– Stop Criminalizing the Poor!

Email: or Phone: 778 885 0040

Immediately followed by A DTES BLOCK PARTY!

Sat. Sep 17 at around 4 pm
Music, food, and the last bit of summer sun!

Marc Williams wants to build condos at the old Pantages Site in the Downtown Eastside. Condos in the heart of the neighbourhood will cause higher property values, higher rents in single-room occupancies, displacement of current residents, increased policing, and low-income residents feeling unwelcome in their own neighbourhood.

We are getting the neighbourhood and all our allies together to protect the site for 100% social housing for low-income residents. The DTES is not for developers to make millions, it is for our vibrant and vital low-income community!


* If you are a group, endorse the DTES Community Resolution: http://dtesnotfordeveloper​​es/

* If you are an individual, sign the online petition:

* If you work in the DTES, sign the Boycott Statement:

* If you are a social housing provider, don’t collaborate with Sequel 138:

Organized by Stop Pantages Condos Coalition: Aboriginal Front Door, Carnegie Community Action Project, Citywide Housing Coalition, DTES Neighbourhood Council, DTES Power of Women Group, Gallery Gachet, Streams of Justice, Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users.


* About the DTES Power of Women Group organizing the Annual Women’s Housing March:

The DTES Power of Women Group on Facebook:​sk=group_95044879752

Stories from “In Our Own Voices” Power of Women Writing Project on Vancouver Media Co-op: http://vancouver.mediacoop​.ca/author/dtes-power-wome​n-group

Watch a short film Survival, Strength, Sisterhood: Power of Women in the Downtown Eastside:
See More


6 responses to “Sep 17: Annual Women’s Housing March and DTES Block Party to Block Condos!

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  2. Saturday September 17 2011 – The Fifth Annual Women’s March for Housing …[poem]: on by Rolf Auer

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  4. Thanks, on my way late to work because my bus can’t leave my neighbourhood, also can’t catch it the other side of main because they are stuck, behind your rally…appreciate it- great activism, only your hurting your dtes residents- I have a family to feed today. Why not disrupt the lives of those you are boycotting?
    Do not support this organization. I grew up & still live here with my family.. Helping the neighbourhood…please! This under the farce of activism..?
    The organizers are a joke. Thanks again, just paid for a cab, hope work understands.

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  6. I find it very interesting that the organizers of this event seem to focus only on the DTES. I’m not sure what’s so wrong with having a mixed community instead of a government-funded ghetto where crack dealers can circle like vultures with their pick of vulnerable people to prey upon. One would think that the important thing would be to put energy into creating housing and social services throughout Vancouver so that low-income families and people trying to escape addiction and violence might have a hope in hell of making it. If someone who is a recovering addict lives somewhere like Marpole, Hastings Sunrise, or Champlain Heights wants to access any community resource aside from the few food banks, they have no choice but to come to the DTES where they immediately feel drained and at risk. I see absolutely no value in centralizing all low-income housing, it does nothing but create a stagnant environment for people to feed off each others’ pain and vulnerabilities. Of course I understand why there are so many organizations such as Atira (whose leadership is LITERALLY in bed w/BC Housing), PHS, CCAP, and Community Builders that organize these rallies and preach about stopping gentrification, I mean let’s face it, if the DTES didn’t remain a hub of poverty and misery, their paycheques would disappear. I’ve struggled for over a decade to stay clean and unfortunately I have no choice but to live in this neighbourhood because I would have no resources otherwise. I dream of a day when this and all other neighbourhoods could be a healthy mix of upper, middle, and lower income people could all live together, a day when I could actually entertain the idea of having a child and not worrying that they’re going to step on a needle or be harassed by dealers or cracked-out zombies on their way to school. I would love to support the cause of housing for all, but not if it means keeping everything stuck in this open-air drug market ghetto, time and energy would be better spent trying to create situations where people have a real chance of having lives filled with something other than hurt…

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