Council of Senior Citizens Organizations Wants 100% Social Housing at Pantages Site

To Whom It may Concern:

COSCO is appalled with the City of Vancouver’s entertaining another developer application to build condos in the DTES, this time, on the 100 block of East Hastings! (Sequel 138). Our experience as seniors in BC, let alone in Vancouver, leads us to share the despair of DTES residents who watch helplessly as they lose more and more social housing options. The facilitation of market housing in this neighbourhood will serve only to ensure that land prices will increase the taxpayer costs required to preserve this neighbourhood’s right to house it’s poor population affordably and safely.

Just as seniors should have the right to ‘age in place’, so should DTES residents!

Just as we in COSCO demand that there be” no planning for seniors without seniors “, we support this community’s demand that they experience satisfactory participation at every level in the development and operation of social housing for their members in their own neighbourhood.

Gail Harmer, Director
Chair, Housing Committee
Council of Senior Citizens Organizations (COSCO)


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