St. James Anglican Church Letter to Stop Condo Development at Pantages

To the City of Vancouver

On behalf of the Social Justice Committee of St. James Anglican Church in the Downtown Eastside, I am writing to ask that you call on the City of Vancouver to stop the Pantages development permit application to build a condo building on the 100 block of East Hastings Street. We have endorsed the Community Resolution to save the Pantages site for low income people.

The 100 block of East Hastings is symbolically important because it includes single-room occupancy housing for about four hundred low-income people. It also includes close-by gathering places for them, like the Carnegie Community Centre and Insite, which provides critical health services for thousands of IV drug users. The Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre is a drop and safe-space for many women including Chinese seniors, Indigenous women, single mothers and the homeless. The neighbourhood is an old one and has always been the home ground of thousands of people who suffer from discrimination in other parts of the city

Allowing condos at the old Pantages site would further deprive DTES residents of living space which has been seriously depleted since the Olympic event. We call on the City to ensure that the nature of the development of the Pantages parcel be exclusively determined by low-income residents and communities in the downtown eastside, including control over the final tendering of the project.


Sheila Paterson
St. James Anglican Church
Social Justice Committee


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