Update – Pantages proposal rejected by City of Vancouver Urban Design Panel

On July 28, the City of Vancouver’s Urban Design Panel (UDP) unanimously rejected the first design for Marc Williams’ Pantages condo development, “Sequel 138.” Rider attended the meeting.

The decision means the architect, Tomas Wolfe of Studio One, must make significant revisions then get back on the agenda for the next UDP meeting. No date was assigned for that, so it could be weeks away, or it could be as soon as the next scheduled meeting, 10 Aug. But the UDP meeting co-ordinator says they may not meet on August 10th, depending on summer schedules…

During the meeting on the 28th:
> The panel first considered the design of a condo proposal at 217 E Georgia in Chinatown. The site is a parking lot beside the artist-run studio, north side of E Georgia. They approved the design.

> For the Pantages/”Sequel 138″ proposal, a big model of the 100 block Hastings was wheeled into the room and panel members gathered around, asking design-questions.

The public isn’t allowed to speak at UDP meetings, so for both condo proposals,
Rider silently held up a small sign: NO MORE CONDOS IN THE DTES!

Next time the Pantages is on the UDP agenda, another couple people with signs would be good, Stay tuned, please.


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