Megaphone Magazine Opposes Condos at Pantages Site

(We need letters like this by August 12th to the City to help stop the plan for condos at the Pantages site. For more information on writing a letter as a group or individual please visit )

To City of Vancouver,

I would like to add my voice to the many community groups and activists who oppose the development of condominiums at 138 E. Hastings (the old Pantages Theatre). While strong in spirit and community, systematic poverty and discrimination has made the Downtown Eastside a very fragile neighbourhood. Its residents need social and supportive housing, not more market housing.

We can see very clearly that the gentrification of the Downtown Eastside is causing displacement. I believe this is threatening people’s lives. Building a condo in the heart of the neighbourhood while people who live there are still suffering and struggling will only cause more displacement and will threaten some of the community’s most important assets (the Carnegie, Insite and Aboriginal Front Door).

I hope that city staff listen to the community voices and recommend that council not approve the application. Instead, we need the city to find a way to turn the site into the much needed social housing so we can give the people who live in the neighbourhood the supports they deserve.


Sean Condon
Executive Director


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