Citywide Housing Coalition Opposing Condo Development at Pantages Site

(We need letters like this by August 12th to the City to help stop the plan for condos at the Pantages site. For more information on writing a letter as a group or individual please visit )

July 27, 2011

Dear Mayor and Council,

RE: 138 East Hastings, Pantages Theatre site

We wish you to know that Citywide Housing Coalition has endorsed the Downtown Eastsideʼs community resolutions calling for 100% social housing on the former Pantages site. We believe this project should not go forward as proposed and that at the very least, it should go to the Development Permit Board for approval. It is in the middle of a block that has 1000 units of low-income housing which makes it extremely contentious, particularly since it is being put forward in advance of the Local Area Plan.

We fear it will cause rents in the SROs to continue to spiral beyond the affordability of the existing community. 18 units of social housing, particularly when there is no guarantee they will be affordable to people on a basic monthly welfare income of $610, is not enough to negate the damage 79 condo units will have on that block. We ask that you reconsider any support you may have for this project at this time. It is simply the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sincerely, and on behalf of Citywide Housing Coalition,
Laura Stannard


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