Write to city against condos on Hastings 100 block

Dear supporters of the Save Pantages Site Coalition,

Thank you so much for endorsing the Community Resolution to save the Pantages site for low income people. We are emailing you again because we need you to write a letter to help stop the developer’s plan for 79 condos in the heart of the DTES.

We have to get our comments about the proposal to the City of Vancouver at alice.kwan@vancouver.ca, scott.barker@vancouver.ca, brent.toderian@vancouver.ca and mayorandcouncil@vancouver.ca by August 12th or the Director of Planning will be able to approve the plan without any process.

Condos at the Pantages would be a gentrification bomb in the heart of the DTES. The condo-social housing mixed development at Woodward’s caused rents in neighbouring hotels to increase and pushed out low-income residents. Expensive restaurants and boutique stores sprang up and more private security guards and police pushed low-income people out of public spaces. This is why we want 100% social housing, not 80% condos with 20% social housing.

We are hoping you will take some time to draft a quick letter to the above three people at the City and send it in with a copy to jean.swanson@gmail.com so we’ll know who has sent letters in.

Writing the letter is simple and only takes a few minutes!
– State your firm opposition to the developer’s proposal for 79 condos at 138 E. Hastings.
– State the low income community in the DTES is against this project and condo development
– List some of the reasons for opposition (you can find full info here: https://dtesnotfordevelopers.wordpress.com/aboutpantages/ )such as people in the DTES need social housing and can’t afford condos; condos cause gentrification which pushes up rents and brings in businesses that exclude low income residents with high prices and security guards; condos in the 100 block of E. Hastings are especially bad because they that is the heart of the low-income neighbourhood; social housing is more important than profits for developers.

Information on the official development plan is at: http://vancouver.ca/commsvcs/developmentservices/devapps/138ehastings/index.htm

Photos from recent action at Studio One Architect’s office: https://dtesnotfordevelopers.wordpress.com/2011/07/25/press-conference-and-rally-dtes-launches-stop-condos-at-the-pantages-campaign-at-studio-one-architecture/

And letter to the architect: https://dtesnotfordevelopers.wordpress.com/2011/07/25/letter-to-studio-one-architecture-to-stop-development-permit-at-pantages/

Thank you.

Save The Pantages Site Coalition:

Aboriginal Front Door
Carnegie Community Action Project
DTES Neighbourhood Council
DTES Power of Women Group
Gallery Gachet
Streams of Justice
Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users

Contact us:

Email: Jean jean.swanson@gmail.com or Harsha hwalia8@gmail.com
Phone: Dave 604 253 1782 bor Wendy 604 839 0379
Website: https://dtesnotfordevelopers.wordpress.com


7 responses to “Write to city against condos on Hastings 100 block

  1. Will do…I actually got on the Early Edition Monday morning and asked the mayor if he and council would oppose this project. He said, on air, that he “hadn’t looked closely at it” and that “any project like this should have A LOT of social housing”.

  2. Ill get on it, thanks for your work on this

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